Felt Inspired exists as an online collection of the works in felt of Helen L. Dolling, winner of Storiel, Bangor’s 2018 Selector’s Prize, in their Open Submissions Sea and Coast Exhibition, with a needle-felted piece depicting an abandoned fishing boat which sits in the estuary at Dulas. Helen’s was the first ‘craft’ piece ever to achieve this accolade.




I loved this find. Their huge skeletal forms added to the air of solitude, bringing a sense that they once breathed, quietly, in fear of interrupting the silence and stillness of the last stretches of this estuary. Egrets, swans and plovers waded carefully through mud pools and river and I spun about like an idiot. When later I showed my mum the photos she said, “Oh, it’s just the bones of them,” reinforcing my image of the two boats as stranded, like beached whales.




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“Welcome to Felt Inspired: the home of inspiration and loveliness in a crafty way…”

The above are the beautiful words of my friend, Matt; the genius enabler behind the bringing online of my fumblings in the world of crafty artistry. Thank you Matt for almost 30 years of letting me think I can do creative stuff…  And so to felt…